The Psychology, Tools and Techniques

Grosvenor Casino, Regent Road, Manchester

Thursday 7th July
9.30am – 1.30pm
(including interactive lunch)


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What You'll Discover
In this Workshop:

  • Social media success doesn't just lie in understanding how to use the platforms. It requires a deeper understanding of using the platforms to build relationships, and how to do this to the utmost efficiency and effectiveness.
  • In this workshop, social media experts Sam Flynn and Ian Anderson Gray will be covering both the psychology of social media to turn business relationships into customers, and the tools and techniques to improve your social media effectiveness and productivity!
  • In a balance of psychology and technology, Sam and Ian will share with you how to achieve socialmedia success for your business.


Sam’s background is in psychology. With a Masters in Organisational Psychology, Sam has applied the principles she learnt in her studies to the world of social media. Sam trains businesses and speaks at business events, focusing on the psychological side of social media as a marketing tool.

In her session, Sam will cover:

  • How to stand out on social media
  • How to engage your audience with your content
  • How to build effective business relationships through social media
  • How to convert those relationships in to customers
Sam Flynn
Sam Flynn
Sam Flynn Social Media


Ian’s background is in technology. Along with being a renowned international social media speaker, Ian also runs an internet solutions company called Select Performers. Ian’s work focuses on the tools and techniques that can be applied to social media, allowing businesses to get the best return from social media as efficiently as possible.

In his session, Ian will cover:

  • Tips & Hacks on how to boost your social media effectiveness
  • How to choose a social media management tool
  • How to Grow your Followers with the right audience
  • Productivity Tools & Tips for social media
Ian Anderson Gray
Ian Anderson Gray
Seriously Social

Both sessions will cover the main social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and Google+. While all levels of experience will benefit from this workshop, it is suggested for those at an intermediate level and above.

The sessions will be followed by an interactive lunch, where you can discuss ideas from the session with other attendees.

Ticket Price: £125+VAT

Grosvenor Casino, Regent Road, Manchester

Thursday 7th July
9.30am – 1.30pm
(including interactive lunch)